I'm Philip.

I have lived the equivalent of several lifetimes – as a student, an entrepreneur,  a Tea Taster &  Auctioneer, an international Dog Show Judge, an actor, the MD of a website designing company, the Chairman of a School Board and a Church leader. I’ve worn many hats, and I still continue to wear a few.
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And now a writer!

I can be found here:

Roles Played in Life


My life has been driven by innovation, fostering growth and helping the organisations I served, to contribute to the global economy. My forte was in inculcating a proactive culture and developing leaders to lead and manage well.

International dog show judge

An unusual hobby - evaluating the merits of pedigree dogs around the world! Judging is a process of grading to ensure that healthy dogs are propagated according to the breed standard.


Acting seemed to come naturally to me from my childhood days but my time at St. Stephen's College was a turning point. In my early working life, I was a part of many stage productions featuring many English Plays. My wife's latent talent as a consummate stage actor breathed new life into my directing skills as well.

Managing an Information Technology company!

In 2004 after I had finished with Tea I got an unusual invitation to lead an IT company! This was from a US-based website designing company with operations in Chennai. My 'hands-on' involvement ceased in 2020 but I am still engaged with its performance in India and the MidWest, USA even today!

About Me

Milestones in my walk through time.

As I look back I am amazed at the situations I have been in and the number of significant people who have passed through my life!
I will therefore split the story into two silos – personal and professional.


  • I have been a son, husband, father, grandfather, friend, animal and nature lover.
  • My interest in purebred dogs led me to be a Breeder and an International Judge of dogs.
  • I was interested in the Theatre, acting and often producing English plays of high calibre.
  • My interest in music spans a wide spectrum of genres from Western Classical to Hard Rock, as well as, Indian music of many kinds.
  • Currently, my interest has shifted to Christian music of which there is now a wide variety. 


  • Tea Taster & Auctioneer
  • Managing Director of a US website development company
  • Long-time Chairman of one of the top schools in South India
  • Entrepreneur and Businessman
  • Board Member of companies and organisations
  • Church leader and Christian counsellor
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Who Am I?
Enjoy my photos and get a glimpse into my world. From adventures in exotic lands to quiet moments at home, my pictures tell our story. Come take a closer look and discover the love, joy, and thrills I have enjoyed on planet Earth. I hope these images will bring a smile to your face, just as they do for me.





Family Friend

Dog Judge

Tea Taster

Business Man

Animal Lover

Avid Traveller

Social Worker

Food Lover

Amateur Cook

Fun Lover


Culture Lover

I am Philji

My Journey

What I have done so far?
People find it difficult to understand their purpose, but that is not the case in my life. My life was laid by the god in clear stages, here is my life timeline:
Born in Kerala on 25th March 1944


Executive in J. Thomas & Co.

1964 – 1976


Managing Director, Contemporary Tea Services P. Ltd.,

1977 – 1982


CEO of Container Tea & Commodities

1983 – 1987


Chairman, Stanes High School

1998 – 2019


MD at TTBL Tea & Technologies Ltd.

1998 – 2003


National Team of Ashraya Church

2004 – 2020


Director Gislen Software P. Ltd

2007 – 2020


Managing Director, Webstix Design P. Ltd.

2004 – 2020

Consultant, Webstix LLC

Santa Clara, California



Santa Clara, California



International Dog Show Judge (All Breeds) licensed by FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale)

From 1982 – Present


  • School: St. Xavier’s, Patna
  • St. Columba’s High School, Delhi
  • College: St. Stephen’s College, Delhi (subjects: History & Political Science)


Interests in College:

  • English Theatre
  • Secretary: English Society – which organized Debates and Literary Festivals and such events.
  • Secretary: Student Christian Movement
  • Sports: Passionate about Sports especially Cricket, Tennis and Squash
My lessons in life

My experiences in life can be life lessons to many. I will be sharing the events in my life through words and pictures.

Life in Cochin during the ‘60s – A conversation with T K Madhav

Life in Cochin during the ‘60s – A conversation with T K Madhav

I sat down with my good friend T K Madhav earlier this year to talk about old times.  He had come to Cochin in 1963 to join Carritt Moran & Co (Tea Brokers). He was a Ranji Trophy player representing both Kerala and Madras State (Tamilnadu), and Dick Luff, head of CM Cochin, a cricketing […]

Europe on $5 a day!!

I must apologize to my readers for my long absence from publishing new episodes of these stories.. Before I go on with our life at Icklesham I need to back up a few months to 1972. Our honeymoon in January 1970 was a brief one. We flew to Bangalore and stayed a week at the […]

Life begins at Icklesham

Life begins at Icklesham

I was amazed that several people reacted to my last post – Icklesham. This story also got a large number of Likes on Facebook. Many people remembered our Coonoor home fondly. Here are some of the comments: Rachel Varugis Chakola Where, many lasting impressions were made. The introduction to Jimi Hendrix & Lou Reed, memories […]



I had taken a long break from writing but now feel compelled to continue my narrative. My first two years in Coonoor (1971-73) was taken up in establishing the J.Thomas branch office and putting down some roots. It is one thing to rent a place and hang the company’s name board but getting a business […]

Coonoor and Beyond!

Coonoor and Beyond!

If I thought I was going to miss the Cochin social life I was in for a pleasant surprise. Sure, I would miss my friends but most of them were from the tea business in Cochin and I was sure to meet them from time to time. However, Coonoor, Ooty and the plantations in the […]

The Coonoor Auctions!

My wife and I were delighted with our move to Coonoor. She liked the cooler climes of Coonoor which had an amazing climate and vegetation. It was also just 10 miles away from Ootacamund (Ooty) where her mother and brothers lived. I was overjoyed by the opportunity to build a JT branch from scratch! It was […]