On 1st April 2020, I recalled that exactly fifty-six years earlier I had attended an interview in Delhi and published a short blog of my experience on my Facebook Timeline. It was well received by my FB friends from all over the English-speaking countries and I was led to write a sequel. Followed by another, then another! 

I have therefore started this WordPress blog site that can be accessed by anyone who may have missed out. Ferreting out an old article on FB is time consuming and frustrating. 

Having published more than 20 episodes now and since my readership has extended beyond my immediate friends, I thought it’s the right thing to introduce my self to the readers and give a snapshot of who I am, which leads me to ask – Why should you care? 

I am hoping that you learn something from the wanderings of a man who has traveled to distant lands, explored philosophies, and learned timeless truths.

Being a foodie there has been the wonderful experience of walking through special restaurants and eateries.
Being a lover of history and art, I have had
 the opportunity of visiting ancient sites and famous museums. And gazing at works of Art by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Manet, Monet, Paul Gaugin, Picasso, Hussain and countless others.

Had the opportunity to act and direct English Plays in college and later in life. I have worked beside some well-known names!

Being very interested in wildlife I have traveled to Game Sanctuaries to watch most animals in the wild both in India and overseas. 

Have tried Transcendental Meditation, as well as, substances to enhance consciousness. I know what the downsides are!

Am involved with a hobby known as the ‘Dog Game’. This has connected me with wonderful people across the globe. I judge Dogs internationally at the highest level. Dog judging has taken me to over 40 countries, some of them many times over.  

Looking back, I am overwhelmed by the number of interesting people who have crisscrossed my path in the 75 years I have inhabited Planet Earth! Each one was unique in many ways and you would enjoy meeting them through these pages. 

After 40 years as a Tea Broker, I moved to IT and headed a website design company. The change was refreshing and gave me a new lease of life. Side by side I was deeply involved with Stanes School, Coonoor and the Ashraya Church in India.

I stepped down from all previous responsibilities on 31st March 2020.
I am now free to look back on life and write. It is my hope that what I write will not just be an interesting story but through my words you will get a glimpse of lessons that I learned along the way. I have therefore titled these series – Lessons in Life!   

Here is a timeline of my life so far….

Father’s Name:  Dr. P. J. Philip  (PhD in Political Science from The London School of Economics)

Date of Birth: Born in Kerala on 25th March 1944
School: St. Xavier’s, Patna
St. Columba’s High School, Delhi
College: St. Stephen’s College, Delhi (subjects:  History & Political Science)
Interests in College: English Theatre
Secretary:   English Society – which organized Debates and Literary Festivals and such events.
Secretary: Student Christian Movement
Sports: Passionate about Sports especially Cricket, Tennis and Squash

Other Qualifications:

From 1982 –
International Dog Show Judge (All Breeds) licensed by FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale)

Current Occupation:

2020 – WRITER
2020 – Consultant, Webstix LLC


2004 – 2020
Managing Director, Webstix Design P. Ltd. Chennai, India

2007 – 2020
Director Gislen Software P. Ltd
Gislen Software is a 80 strong IT company serving Scandinavian and UK clients.

1998 – 2019
Chairman, Stanes High School, Coonoor
This school was started by Sir Robert Stanes in 1858. Caters to 1500 plus students and is semi-residential.

2004 – 2020    
Served on the National Team of Ashraya Church, which had congregations in Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, and Kolkata.

Earlier Occupation:

1998 – 2003
Managing Director (and principal promoter)
TTBL Tea & Technologies Ltd.
Line of work: Tea Taster & Auctioneer, Tea Manufacturing Adviser

Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, was the Chairman of this company from 1990 to 2000. The Field Marshal was India’s Supreme Military Commander and a national hero.

1983 – 1987
CEO of Container Tea & Commodities (formed to promote direct export of Tea by Producers)

1977 – 1982    
Managing Director, Contemporary Tea Services P. Ltd., Tea Auctioneers (Set up by 3 colleagues from J. Thomas & Co. P. Ltd.)

1964 – 1976  
Started as a 20 year old executive in J. Thomas & Co. Calcutta, the world’s largest Tea Auction Company. Was trained in Calcutta and London as a Tea Taster and Auctioneer – a highly specialized line of work. Worked in Cochin and at 26, was asked to open and head a new branch of JT at Coonoor in 1971.

April, 2020